Made with Induraspring™

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Advanced Material for Tomorrow’s Solutions

Induraspring™ is a cutting edge material developed for a variety of applications, ranging from cushioning to drainage. Induraspring™ is made from randomly extruded Polyethylene (PE) based resin and can be engineered to perform to many different specifications.

Induraspring™ offers many advantages over traditional materials due to it’s open-air structure, and offers exciting opportunities for the products of tomorrow.

Recycled and Recyclable

Induraspring™ is 100% Polyethylene based, meaning it is very easy to recycle. Induraspring™ can also be made with over 50% recycled plastic, greatly reducing the need for virgin plastics.

Induraspring™ can be re-ground, re-pelletized and re-extruded into Induraspring™ again for use in mattresses, cushioning, packaging and drainage applications.


The unique structure of Induraspring™ makes it the most breathable cushioning material on the market. The bonded strands have open air space between them, allowing air and moisture to pass through while maintaining performance and function.


The combination of geometry and raw material properties make Induraspring™ an extremely durable material in the right application. Induraspring™ holds up to rigorous use as a cushioning material and is also stable in harsh conditions, such as heat, moisture and UV exposure.

Clean and Washable

Induraspring™ is hypoallergenic, naturally mold and mildew resistant, and does not leach toxic vapor or odors. Induraspring™ excels in any application where moisture is present.

Induraspring™ is also easily washed by simply rinsing with mild soap and warm water as needed.

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