6″ K-Style Gutter Guard

Clear Exterior’s flagship Gutter Guard is made to be the most effective and simple to install solution available on the market. Fits 6” K-Style gutters

>Piece coverage = 48” / 4ft ($1.67/ft)

>No tools required to install, simply press in place

>Sold per piece in 4ft increments: 20ft minimum order (5 pcs)

>1-year warranty against defects


Handles the Heaviest Rainfall

Clear Exterior’s guards will not overflow during heavy rains, thanks to the open structure of Induraspring™. Roof asphalt passes through the guard instead of clogging it, while large debris stays out.

The Cleanest Gutters. Period.

Clear Exterior Gutter Guards are hypoallergenic, UV resistant and naturally mold and mildew resistant.

Simply pull out the guards and clean as needed. No need to unscrew or call a pro.

Recycled and Recyclable

Made with over 50% recycled plastics. LDPE is commonly used in food packaging and is readily recyclable.

Most cities accept this material in curbside recycling programs. Check yours here

Installation Instructions

Tuck front edge of Guard under lip of gutter

Push back edge into gutter and lay flat

Relax, knowing your gutters are protected

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6″ K-Style Gutter Guard