Sustainability is Everything

Closing the Product Lifecycle Loop

Raw Materials

It all begins with quality recycled raw materials. Reducing the demand for virgin plastics is essential for a sustainable product. We build our products with recycled material to ease the burden on landfills, reduce ocean bound plastics, and lower the demand for virgin petroleum based raw materials.

Zero Waste Processes

Every pound of scrap material generated during production of Clear Exteriors products is recycled and re-processed into future products. The ability to continuously re-use our own scrap in addition to diverting material from other waste streams keeps our processes green as well.

End of Life

We consider the entire product lifecycle during development: Beginning, middle and end of life. Our products are fully recyclable after use by most cities. If returned to us, we can re-grind, re-pelletize, and re-extrude into another product, effectively closing the loop on the material lifecycle.

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